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The service is provided only to legal entities at the first request. The volume of the document should not exceed 2 settlement pages. 1 page — 1800 characters with spaces.
What services in addition to translation may be required?
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Texts are translated by professional translators who specialize in the relevant field.
8 reasons to choose А+ Translation Boutique
We format large and complex texts, arrange their layout and finalize documents to give them as attractive look as possible.
We offer the opportunity to order the translation without cross-reading to save on the budget.
We even translate from rare languages, such as Romanian, Armenian and Farsi, among others.
We keep strictly to deadlines. We can handle translations at weekends, on public holidays and overnight.
We are contactable 24/7 by phone, email, Skype or WhatsApp.
All our employees enter into confidentiality agreements. Only then do we give them access to documents
We offer the full range of language services for business, including interpreting, localizing websites, etc.
Alexandra Wickenden is the founder
of the company
I have worked in the legal profession since 2004. Over many years working as a lawyer, have read through tens of thousands of pages of bilingual documents, as a result of which I know how to find exactly the right wording for a translation.
In 2014, I opened А+ Translation Boutique, so that I could provide translations that precisely meet the requirements of the legal profession. Legal documents require absolute consistency in the use of terminology and names, while strict attention to detail is a must. We understand how legal structures work, so take the greatest care over clients' assignments and always select the optimum solution for each project.
The documents
we translate most frequently are:
The documents
we translate
most frequently are:
Contracts across the full range of branches of the law.
Accounts and financial statements, auditors' opinions, valuation reports.
The constituent and registration documents of both Russian and foreign companies.
Documents relating to the pharmaceutical sector.
Companies' internal regulations.
Documents relating to dispute resolution, both out of court and in court.
Legislation and case law.
Marketing materials for companies specializing in different fields.
Sample projects
We are ready to handle any project for a client, even if the task is bespoke, complex and/or extremely urgent. Here are some examples of such projects:
Translating 200 pages into English and Arabic, then notarizing and legalizing them for Sudan. We received the order on 31 December and needed to have the translated documents, already notarized and legalized, prepared by 12 January.
Simultaneous interpreting at OvoschKult, the International Agrarian Forum on Vegetable Crops. We also performed written translation of materials devised during the day and sent them for printing on the same day.
Transcribing a recording of a 2-hour meeting, conducted in English, of a company's board of directors. There were more than 10 participants, each of whom had a particular accent. The topics dealt with were narrowly specialized matters of corporate and finance law.
How we work
We guarantee impeccable translations. We will adhere precisely to deadlines and keep information strictly confidential.
You contact us by email, Skype or WhatsApp
We enter into a confidentiality agreement (where required), and you send the document so that we can assess it
We propose two or three options that match possible deadlines with the corresponding price
You select the option that suits you and we enter into a contract for services
Our translators do the translation and cross-reading if necessary
We format and arrange the layout of your documents (if required)
Our proof-reader carries out the final check of the translation before we send it to you
Within our stated timeframe, the manager sends you the translated documents in the agreed format
Additional services
Checking a third party's translation, including review by a specialist editor
Having a document notarized
Having a document apostilled
Editing a document by a native speaker
Entrust the professionals of А+ Translation Boutique with translations of your documents
Translations with the highest level of accuracy
Neat and stylish layout
Work done promptly, keeping strictly to deadlines
Total confidentiality assured
Our clients
Our translations have won the trust of successful companies across a wide range of business sectors.

Contact details
You can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Choose the most convenient method to get in touch.

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